What The Money Meant, 18-19 July

Alison Matthews


When an American waitress makes a devil’s bargain with an overzealous customer, she witnesses the dark side of restaurant tipping culture. Welcome to What The Money Meant. At the door, a hostess welcomes three VIPs to enjoy the show at an intimate level, while a larger audience watches. A Brechtian musical for three and a spectacle for more, What The Money Meant asks if the person with the dollar really has the power in the first place. Please state upon booking whether you prefer VIP access (which includes direct interaction with the performer). VIPs are requested to bring £2 in change on the evening.


What The Money Meant is proudly supported by the 40th anniversary of the Theatre, Film and Television Studies Dept., Aberystwyth University.


Ali Matthews (The Bitchuationist) is a performance artist and singer who weaves participatory experiences out of text, song, and scenographic environment in order to play with certain fundamental aspects of theatricality: intimacy, distance, desire and alienation. 

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18-19 July, 19:30



Photo Credit: Russ Basford


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