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The Girl on the Street

 10th – 14th May at 7:30pm
£8 / £5 concession

Raw Forum returns to The Chelsea Theatre

When disaster strikes, we can only keep moving…

A teenage girl lies still, victim of a hit and run. The witnesses are frozen at the scene. Life slows down, and we enter a strange zone of time and meaning, accessing their dreams, riffing on a theme, incorporating the unexpected. We see life both frozen, and inexorably moving forward, even in the face of disaster.

THE GIRL ON THE STREET is a new play from Raw Forum, a company led by award-winning director Kate Cragg. Devised in workshops at The Chelsea Theatre, and now with an extended run following the original sellout performance, this production uses music, poetry and dance to capture the melancholy and savagery of our youth – our only hope.

“Resisting lazy ideas about identity and representation, Raw Forum’s piece of entertaining social theatre explores borders between the personal and wider themes of the political. By twists and turns, we are taken on a mysterious journey of self-doubt and discovery, based on social observation, cultural memory and lived experience. An immersive fusion of music, images, melodrama and jazz improvisation.”
– Karen Alexander, writer and curator

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