The Balloon by Carolyn Defrin

A plane circles.


There is a crash.


She lifts her pencil.


Everything fractures.


A tragic plane crash leaves a pilot stranded in the Arctic . His wife awaits his return.


Delicate objects shift scale and drawings morph into video projection as two lovers negotiate the appearance and disappearance of their memories, trying desperately to reach each other.


The Balloon continues its development from recent performances at Battersea Arts Centre and “Hack the Barbican,” and is made in collaboration with Paul Burgess (set/video); Joe Hornsby (lights); Soumya Basnet (objects); Gary Merry, Sophie Fletcher and Sinikka Kyllönen (performers).
Writer/Director Carolyn Defrin is a UK-based artist originally from Chicago. Her work has been shown internationally.

(illustration: Paul Burgess and Sophie Fletcher)

17 & 18 February, 7:30pm

Tickets: £12/£10

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