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Talos: Science Fiction Theatre Festival

TALOS – Science Fiction Theatre Festival of London


TALOS is a two-day theatre festival that features new science fiction plays by contemporary writers from all over the world.


Pregnant men and drones, apocalypse survivors and superheroes, emotional navigator systems, bodiless heads and more fantastical fictions are brought to life on stage in a unique showcase of new science fiction theatre.


Saturday, October 24th – Sunday, October 25th, 7.30PM


An Ordinary Man by Elizabeth Adlington – Directed by Orestis Dikaios
Lost Love by Jen McGregor – Directed by Justin Murray
Crooked Fork by Jonathan Yukich – Directed by Katerina Konstantopoulou
Drone by Tom Jensen – Directed by Stuart Black
Two Heads on a First Date by Ron Burch – Directed by Mayra Stergiou
Superhero by Andreas Flourakis – Directed by Eirini Dermitzaki
The Other Roof by Susan Gray – Directed by Christos Callow Jr
Interface/Interface by Libby Emmons – Directed by Stella Keramida
Festival Director:
Christos Callow Jr.


Theatre Company:
Anodos Productions


Assistant Producers:
Maria Thanassa
Nicole Read
Angeliki Georgokosta
Mayra Stergiou
Orestis Dikaios


24-25th October 2015




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