Tableau Vivant


An immersive performance based on Iraqi celebrations, Tableau Vivant is energetic, light-hearted, celebratory and connective, inviting the audience to play with the idea of senses, perceptions, place, and maps. In this performance created by and with the Iraqi Women’s League and the wider Iraqi community of Kensington and Chelsea, IJAD Company dancers interpret the personal history and stories shared. Tableau Vivant is set around table for an evocative sensory feast of memorabilia, spices and objects reflecting these interpretations of Iraqi customs and culture. Using the music of Oud soloist and founding member of the Alif Ensemble, Khyam Allami.

About the artist

IJAD is a dance company dedicated to involving people who are less likely to engage with physical theatre and contemporary dance, through multi-disciplinary performances, outreach programmes, and digital technology for co-creating unique new works. |


20 October 2015



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