Shakti Dance Yoga

Thursdays 10 – 11.30am

Classes for beginners with Erika

Shakti Dance yoga is a gentle yet powerful movement practice…a combination of yoga, dance, music and mantra.  A class starts with flowing stretches on the floor to ease out tensions. This is followed by energising standing movements which lead into free dance. After this there is a deep relaxation and we end with a moving meditation (movements that are repeated along with a mantra). 

This is a course for beginners, so no previous yoga or dance experience is necessary.

Some of the benefits of practising Shakti Dance regularly:

– Strengthens core stability, vitality and fitness

– Reduces stress and calms the mind.Improves co-ordination and self confidence.

– Develops grace and harmony.
– Helps you to be fully present in your body and go with the flow of life.

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