Season Butler – Happiness Forgets


Remember the good old days when life was simple? Remember when police were friendly, politicians were statesmen, mothers were wholesome, the rich worked hard and celebrities were role models? Remember when we knew where we belonged?
Me neither.
Happiness Forgets is an uncanny elegy for our imperfect past – a darkly humorous performance lecture about the people we once were and can never be again, now that we know what we know now. It pins down the past, examines it under a microscope, charges it with electricity to see if we can make it dance. It’s about race, sex, nostalgia and the moment you see something familiar, in a whole new light.
Taking controversial American comedian and TV dad Bill Cosby as a starting point, Happiness Forgets interrogates the space between celebrities and fans, credibility and doubt, comedy and tragedy.


26 November 2015




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