PanicLab – Swan Lake II: Dark Waters


A dark, humorous portrait of a prince stranded on an island of feathers, forced to confront his loneliness and isolation once happily ever after has expired. In this reluctant spectacle, an estranged ode to the original ballet, performer Jordan Lennie fluctuates between man and creature whose grasp on reality is growing increasingly questionable.


Suitable for ages 16+, contains nudity.


Created in collaboration with all the company members

Directed by Joseph Mercier

Performed by Jordan Lennie

Lighting Designer: Ziggy Jacobs

Sound designer: Dinah Mullen

Costume & Set designer: Rachel Good

Production Manager: Hannah Moore

Producer: Clara Giraud

Photo credit: Nicola Canavan


Funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Supported by Chisenhale Dance Space, Dance City, MDI, Russell Maliphant Company, Pavilion Dance South West.


24 – 25 November




This performance is also featured as a double bill alongside Sylvia Rimat’s This Moment Now. For tickets please visit here.


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