Mother Tongue

Conceived, choreographed and performed by Lebanese dancer Pierre Geagea, Mother Tongue is a solo contemporary dance performance inspired by the gracefulness and expressiveness of sign language. Mother Tongue traces the journey of a dancer as he gradually develops the capacity to partially hear. In doing so, the worlds of language, gesture, rhythm and understanding begin to collide. A collaboration with musicians Sharif Sehanoui (electric guitar) and Tony Elieh (bass guitar), the dance and live music score sketch Pierre’s unique relation to rhythm, music, words, as well as signs – his very own Mother Tongue.


Supported by be:kult


About the artist

Pierre Geagea is a contemporary dancer whose work focuses on bridging the gap between the spoken word and the gesture. Sharif Sehnaoui and Tony Elieh are two major figures on the Lebanese experimental music scene.


28th October 2015


£13 | £10 concessions


Booking required.

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