Iranian Theatre Retrospective

Iran has a rich poetic and artistic tradition, while in recent times its cinema has received world-wide acclaim. Iranian theatre may be less well known, but is nevertheless very significant in its own right. This one-day workshop takes a chronological overview of Iran’s theatrical traditions, beginning with excerpts of ancient Persian performance forms, including Naghal (ancient storytelling), Zourkhaneh (ancient martial art accompanied by rhythmic music), Rouhouzi (peripatetic entertainment) and Taaziyeh (Shiite ritual remembrance). This is followed by readings from influential Iranian plays in Persian (with English translations projected) and ends with a summary of Iranian theatre post 1979.


Each section is preceded with a specialist introduction and ends with an audience Q&A. Directed by Manouchehr Husseinpour with a cast of established and new-generation Iranian performers, including Parvaneh Soltani, Javad Shams, Mostafa Shams, Reza Giyahchi (Behrang), Ehsan Aminiseresht and Mojgan Ghaffari. Curated by Roya Arab, Cultural Curator and Honorary Research Assistant, IoA, UCL.


1st November 2015

10.30am to 5.30pm

£15 | £10 concessions


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