Gender Spectacle Cabaret


A dazzling line up of artists of all ages present short turns on the performance of gender, MC’d by Lois Weaver aka Tammy WhyNot. George Chakravarthi performs Negrophilia!described by writer Mary Paterson as “a dance performance in which he transforms from an ape to a chorus girl, skewering the histories of racism, evolution and exhibitionism in one long, seductive move.” johnsmith (aka Eleanor Fogg) performs the stunning what it feels like for a girl, Krishna Istha gives us Bambi Sexsmith, an award-winning kinky queer conversion therapist, Lucy Hutson revisits her infamous Grindr vs. The Womens’ Institute, with a special guest appearance from Rosana Cade and Eilidh MacAskill’s male alter egos.


Part of Just Like a Woman, curated by the Live Art Development Agency


14 November 




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