Dickie Beau – Blackouts: Twilight of the Idols


In Blackouts: Twilight of the Idols ‘drag fabulist’ Dickie Beau conjures the spirits of celebrated Hollywood icons in an innovative theatre experience. Dickie leads audiences on a bewitching adventure as he channels the ghosts of his childhood idols.


Dickie secured exclusive access to audio tapes of Marilyn Monroe’s final interview conducted by journalist Richard Meryman. Published in LIFE magazine just two days before her death, Blackouts includes material never before heard in the public domain and sees Dickie shape-shift through a shadowy soundscape of lost souls in a sensational trip to the subconscious underworld of his future self; bringing to life these audio artefacts.

Dickie is a pioneer of playback performance, emerging from the drag tradition of lip-synching, and the digital script incorporates much original source material, including the spellbinding Judy Speaks tapes – Judy Garland alone with a Dictaphone, making notes for a memoir never to be written.



Directed by Jan willem van den Bosch

Lighting design by Martin Langthorne

Produced by Sally Rose

Image by Paul Blakemore


5-7 & 10-13 November



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