Denuded, a touring contemporary dance performance, was created during Bruno Isaković and Pavle Heidler’s artistic residencies in Art Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik, through the Perforations program and the Performing Arts Network. The idea of Denuded is born from the framework set by the previous Isaković’s work Invocation, in which the performer with physical expressions and stage presence that goes far beyond the purely physical movement, reminiscent of the relationship between the secular and the spiritual.

The performance Denuded continues this research and deeply touches physical transformation, thus freeing them from the automatic attribution of meaning to what we at a given moment are able to see, recognize, experience. Denuded questions the relationship with the audience through a feedback loop that causes a significant transformation of the artist’s body, and Isaković in this new version of his performance bypasses classical staging and sets his body in the middle of the auditorium, thus opening up new sculptural aspects of performance and capabilities of communication with the audience.

Bruno Isaković was born in Zagreb, and graduated in contemporary dance in Amsterdam. In Zagreb he is a member of the Studio for contemporary dance, collaborating with numerous choreographers, regular freelance choreographer and holds dance workshops.

The international tour of Denuded, presented by the Queer New York International Arts Festival, received support from the Ministry of Culture of Croatia, Zagreb Tourist Board, Trust for Mutual Understanding and FACE Croatia.


26th July, 9pm


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