by Instant Dissidence

You can watch dance, even hear it, but have you ever tried to smell it or taste it?

What would choreography ‘look’ like if it was led by smell and taste rather than sight and sound?

Caramel is a cross between a dance-making session and the process of cooking caramel, stimulating all five senses. It is an edible choreography which is as much led by smell, taste and touch, as sight and sound. Intimately close to the performers, audiences experience the creation of dance, soundscape, and lighting installations, and engage with the process of cooking caramel.

“Conceptually brilliant! – The Culture Vulture

Caramel is commissioned by the Theatre in the Mill, produced by Dance4, and funded by the Arts Council of England.

Instant Dissidence is a Bradford-based company whose work focuses on the body and its physical and cultural architectures. The company creates conceptual choreography which may adopt the form of dance, film, sculpture, immersive digital work, live art or outdoor event.

Sunday 2nd March, 7.30pm


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