SACRED: All Roads Lead to Rome





Chris has lovingly repaired his family Triumph Herald Estate so that he can drive it from

his childhood home in Braintree to Italy where this quintessentially English car was


Part investigation into his father’s time as a Polish soldier in the Italian Campaign and

part muse on consumerism, All Roads Lead to Rome brings together car mechanics, a

road trip, dictators and the fetishisation of possessions in a solo performance using old

photos, new film and surprising mechanical objects.


“A simple, effective and intellectual piece, told with warmth and a twinkle.”

Fringe Review


“He takes us from the personal to the political, across a great swathe of 20th Century

history, all without leaving the driving seat of the Triumph Herald.”


The Scotsman


This is one of the best shows I have ever seen in a theatre – and it isn’t really a show…

It’s like someone showing you their holiday snaps – except this time you actually want

to stay.

Colchester Gazette



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