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Welcome to our new Chief Executive & Artistic Director, Joshua McTaggart.

The Chelsea Theatre is thrilled to welcome Joshua McTaggart as the incoming Chief Executive  and Artistic Director in September 2018.

Joshua will be joining us from his position as the first Artistic Director of The Bunker Theatre, where he transformed an abandoned underground carpark into one of London’s most thriving Off-West End theatres. We caught up with Joshua to pick his brain about all things Chelsea Theatre, cake and the World Cup.


What are you most looking forward to in your new role at The Chelsea Theatre?

This part of Chelsea, especially the World’s End, has an incredibly vibrant community, with a fascinating history in terms of the people that used to live here and that do live here now. From the stories that I’ve been hearing from the local residents, I’m really excited to build a community and arts program that appeals to the people living in Chelsea, all around the borough, and further afield.


What first interested you in this new venture?

Any redevelopment project is really exciting, as any venue that’s undergoing change and transformation presents a world of opportunity. Also, any venue that has community at its core is really important in our cultural landscape. I was really excited when I walked in one night back in the spring to see a play and when I left I saw a group of women learning Arabic in one of the rooms down in the centre. I thought that was a really incredible relationship between what happens in the theatre upstairs and what happens in the centre downstairs. I look forward to hopefully building up those relationships further.


What does the future of the CT look like to you?

I think with our Open House on 16th July, the future is about being open. Although the building is closing for the refurbishment, we will also re-open and it’s about how we reopen with genuine openness towards what the community wants and what artists in the area want and how we can bring more people through the doors in the next few years.


Tea or Coffee?



Cake or Biscuits?



Chekhov or Shakespeare?



Morning Bird or Night Owl?

Morning Bird


Twitter or Instagram?



High Tech or Low Tech?

High….. Low tech


Big Party or Small Gathering?

Small Gathering


Three Ideal Dinner Party Guests. Alive or Dead?

Freddie Mercury

J.K Rowling

Hillary Clinton


If you were an animal what would you be?



Name of your autobiography?

How On Earth Did I Get Here?


Go to Karaoke song?

Total Eclipse Of The Heart


Dame Judi or Dame Maggie?



Favourite fictional character?

Spider Man


What would be your one luxury item if stranded on a desert island?

Pen and Paper!


Is football coming home?

We’re not even in the finals yet! (But yes, it absolutely is!)


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