Sozo; Who’s gonna catch you when you fall?


It has been a busy month for the Community team at Chelsea Theatre and we have been fortunate to have been able to show some amazing work.

In May, as part of our community offering,  we invited Pavement 2 Catwalk (P2C) to perform at Chelsea Theatre.
Pavement 2 Catwalk is a social enterprise founded by Donald Waugh which aims to inspire disadvantaged communities through fashion, art, film, photography and theatre.

From 17 – 21 May the cast performed Sozo; Who’s gonna catch you when you fall? – a play conceived and written by Donald Waugh.

SOZO,  (Greek for rescue or to save) is a play that takes place in a typical high street in inner city London in a local charity shop.

The beauty of this work and perhaps why the response has been amazing is that those involved  have been affected by subsance abuse, homelessness and disability and have  have come together to tell their stories on stage.

The work captured the attention of national media; view the coverage on London Live.






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