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Tea Set

“Tea Set” by Gina Moxley will be showing at The Chelsea Theatre on 3rd September 2021 7:30PM

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Christmas, 1999. On the verge of the new millennium, a young woman becomes the caretaker of Mrs. A., an elderly woman who is forgotten and isolated from her family. As New Year’s approaches, she makes an unlikely connection with her elderly charge and discovers the secret of her recent trauma, a secret that leaves both of them shaken in the wake of such unthinkable violence.

Tea Set is an absorbing play that really captures what it is to be lonely, misplaced or to feel a burden to those you love or even society (no matter your age) – and the devastating choices this leads us to.

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


Streets Paved With Gold

Streets Paved With Gold – 4th September 2021 7:30pm

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Augustus Cleveland Johnson disembarks at Tilbury Docks in London on a cold, grey and wet November morning in 1948. This is the story of his new beginning in a foreign land. Share his dreams, hopes and aspirations. This is a story of humble beginning of British African Caribbean People.

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Teddy Bear’s Picnic – Children’s Theatre Show

Wednesday 28th July 2021 11:00AM

Ticket Prices £0-£15

Click on the link HERE 🎟🎟Wednesday 28th July 2021 2:30PM

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Bring along your favourite bear and join us on a fun, exciting adventure to get to the picnic on time! The show incorporates props, puppets, well-known songs and dancing together with important educational areas such as numbers, colours and shapes.

Aimed at children aged 2-6.

All children, including those under 2, are required to book a ticket to reserve a seat in the theatre.

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival



Fortune – Thursday 29th July 2021 7:30PM

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FORTUNE is a show about authenticity and misidentification. Told through the form of fortune cookies, it explores mixed-race and mixed-culture identity, as well as the various joys and sorrows that come from belonging to multiple places at once.

Originally performed at Anatomy Arts in Summerhall, Edinburgh, FORTUNE has gone on to feature as part of the Just Start Here Festival in Dumfries, the Fringe of Colour online and Welcome to My Crying Party by RUMAH Khai.

Development has been supported by the National Theatre of Scotland, Creative Scotland and Tramway Glasgow in order to constantly refresh the narrative to better reflect the times, as Glasgow-based performance maker and poet Sean Wai Keung looks for answers to questions including “are things really getting better for us?”, “what brings me joy?” and, of course, “what exactly does my future hold?”

Content warnings: Described racism, discrimination and violence.

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


Watson: The Final Problem

Watson: The Final Problem – Friday 30th July 2021 7:30PM

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There is a shadow in the gutters, a spider’s web of poisonous intrigue plagues the city and Dr John Watson must face his greatest ever challenge.

It is 1894. Watson is alone. Sherlock Holmes and his beloved Mary are both gone. London seethes with false reports and rumour. It is time to set the record straight.

So Watson tells his tale of long buried secrets, betrayal and death, when the intrepid detectives faced their nemesis, the Napoleon of crime, Moriarty. But as Watson takes us on a ripping journey across Europe to the Reichenbach Falls, is the game really over?

Tim Marriott (TV’s Brittas Empire) re-enacts the last Sherlock Holmes adventure from the perspective of unsung hero, Dr John Watson. The play is created in collaboration with Bert Coules, the BBC’s Head Writer on adaptations of The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The performance is followed by a post show talk back with Bert and Tim.

“Superb, authentic, excellent production” Broadway World
“Wonderfully acted and mesmerising to watch” Reviews Hub
“A grippingly fine display of the art of the monologue from one of its outstanding exponents” Broadway Baby
“A flawless conception” Fringe Review

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


A Journey Into French Music from Offenbach to Gainsbourg

A Journey Into French Music from Offenbach to Gainsbourg – Saturday 31st July 2021 7:30PM

Ticket Prices £0-£15

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“Fifi la Mer and Oliver Wilby present a unique, brand new show that will take you on a journey through 100 years of French music, from Offenbach to Gainsbourg.

The show features the dulcet tones of Fifi on accordion and voice, and the talents of Oliver on clarinet, members of the saxophone family, and accordion.

Together they will transport you to “the city of lights” with their repertoire of musical gems, and along the way you will get to enjoy tales of mystery, romance and heartache that we so often associate with Paris.”


Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


Evening Conversations

Monday 2nd August 2021 7:30PM

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Evening Conversations is a warm-hearted extended monologue, written and performed by Sudha Bhuchar. It is inspired by her everyday banter with her dual heritage (Hindu/Indian and Muslim/Pakistani) millennial sons who have grown up in leafy Wimbledon, while her life has spanned three continents (Africa, India and UK). Sudha invites her boys to ‘crack open a cold one’ and share their dreams and views on life with her, while she rinses a glass of prosecco or two!

Tearing them away from their phones to have a DMC (Deep Meaningful Conversation) is no mean feat and like a magpie, Sudha collects the snippets of gold dust and shares them with her audience in this fluid and deeply personal piece.

As Sudha navigates her family, career and returning to India as an NRI (Non-Resident Indian), she is prompted to investigate her own sense of home and reassess her place in the world. Will her mono-lingual, fiercely British sons see their heritage as a place of strength or an unwelcome inheritance?

Identity, multiculturalism, Britishness, belonging, Hairy Bikers, Feminism, and ‘shit’ genes! Is anything sacred? Sudha invites the audience to lean in, listen, laugh and cry!

Wonderfully ebullient, witty, at times wickedly funny and poignantly political, this is a show that crosses ages, cultures, and generations for what is so winning about Sudha’s conversation is that it lets us in on not just her thoughts but the pugnacious, deflating ones of her two adult sons, Samar and Sinan. Utterly delightful, and so, so timely. Carole Woddis, journalist  (Facebook)
“Full of truth and beauty…. really brave. My mum kept on poking me – you’ve given her a lot of ammo! “ Riz Ahmed, Actor
“For most people, a one woman-hour-long-monologue would seem a bold idea… However, Sudha Bhuchar held their attention throughout the performance. The audience was intently listening to Bhuchar’s every word.” Wimbledon Bookfest, University of Roehampton
Evening Conversations literally warmed my soul Audience member, Tara arts
I was laughing out loud while my heart was crying inside  
Audience member Wimbledon Bookfest.

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


“Yours Sincerely” by Will Jackson

Get your tickets now! Friday 6th August 2021 will be the night to remember! Will Jackson has accidentally stolen 300-second-class stamps from the post office. But he’s making them count. He’s going to write letters. From reconnecting with old friends and ex-boyfriends to run-ins with the marketing department at John Lewis, stamp collecting has never looked so sexy…

Based on real-life correspondences; storytelling and lipsync cabaret collide in this queer coming-of-age comedy about the complications of 21st-century communication. Catch the Edinburgh Fringe smash-hit comedy on tour now!
“A Rising Comic Star” – Attitude Magazine
“One of the most palpably funny and heart-wrenching one-man performances.” ★★★★★ – Feminist Fringe Reviews
“It is rare to see a performer so charmingly honest.” ★★★★★– Broadway Baby
“An escalating comedy that takes you on a wild ride.” ★★★★ – The Skinny
TOP 10 LGBT+ Shows of the Fringe - ★★★★- The List
Produced by the award winning Quick Duck Theatre (one of New Diorama Theatre’s emerging companies).

Event Details

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival

From 7:30PM to 10:30PM

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Ticket Prices £0-£15

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


Shining Intimacy

Shining Intimacy – Tuesday 10th August 2021 7:30AM

Ticket Prices £0-£15

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This show examines the fundamental guts of two of Britain’s best loved stage animals, Maggie Smith and Kenneth Williams who were entangled together, both on a journey to master their craft.

Their shining intimacy that belongs to a moment in history allows the narrator Tom to think about a close friendship of his own now lost.

Transcripts from television and radio interviews, newspaper articles and diaries and memoirs written by Kenneth and Maggie have created the backbone for this new piece by Tom Marshman.

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


Every Sinner Has a Future

Every Sinner Has a Future – Tuesday 3rd August 2021 7:30PM

Ticket Prices £0-£15

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‘Every Sinner has a Future’ is a one-man show written and performed by Frank Skully about his lived experiences of the criminal justice system. Directed by Nathanael Campbell and Produced by Sarah Jordan Verghese.

From paperboy to prison, Frank Skully’s life is a rollercoaster of humour and coincidences. The piece questions preconceptions of a criminal and whether it is nurture or nature that dictates Frank’s destiny. The criminal justice system should be a place to rehabilitate, instead, it has become a system that churns out more criminals than it lures in.

Frank Skully has worked for Synergy Theatre as an actor, workshop facilitator and education coordinator over a decade. He recently wrote ‘Food and Peace’ which won first place in a writing competition by SOHO Theatre.

Nathanael is an Italia Conti Academy graduate, working in the industry since 2013. Notable credits include ‘Come From Away’ Phoenix Theatre 2019, and ‘Guys & Dolls’ Talawa/Royal Exchange 2018. Having always had an interest in directing, Nathanael began teaching in 2020.

Sarah is a South Asian producer specialising in theatre for social change. Currently, Assistant Producer at Arch 468 and Comms and Marketing Associate at Nouveau Riché.

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


In the Secret Garden of Frances Hodgson Burnett

In the Secret Garden of Frances Hodgson Burnett – Wednesday 4th August 2021 7:30PM

Ticket Prices £0-£15

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In the secret garden of Frances Hodgson Burnett – a vision of happiness.

This one-woman play underscored with live music on accordion and Celtic harp offers you the chance to spend an hour in the company of Frances Hodgson Burnett and hear her life story in her words.

Frances Hodgson Burnett is most famous as the author of The Secret Garden but her life and indeed her considerable literary output remain largely unknown. Born in Manchester in 1849, she was a phenomenally successful author with 52 books published in her lifetime. She also adapted and produced many stage versions of her stories and of course there have been now many film and television adaptations of her stories. In her lifetime she was seen as a scandalous figure with two failed marriages and her flamboyant character and lifestyle often the material for gossip columnists around the world. In the secret garden of Frances Hodgson Burnett she describes her life and her continued pursuit of vision of happiness for all and reads from some of her most famous books including Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Secret Garden.

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


Mayuri, or The New Human

Mayuri, or The New Human – Wednesday 11th August 2021 7:30PM

Ticket Prices £0-£15

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Mayuri, or The New Human

Following an existential crisis, Mayuri leaves her human life behind, befriends the android Riza and has her mind transferred into a machine. Alienated by humans and robots alike, she embarks on a haunting journey of self-discovery, brutality and despair… Her life keeps changing while a cult starts following her like a god.

Could you picture letting go of your family, your country, your human body? Everything that makes you who you are? This is what Mayuri did. This is why we follow Mayuri on her path to freedom, self-determination and… the new human condition.

Mayuri is a one-woman science fiction play for a goddess and a priest; a dystopian storytelling experience; a sermon for the Cult of Mayuri on a strange island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The play is inspired by Greek tragedy, anime, posthuman philosophy and cyborgs…

“This absurd scenario is cleverly written with the right tone of sarcasm and self-irony” (A Younger Theatre reviewing Christos Callow Jr’s Last Tragedy at Talos Sci-Fi Theatre Festival 2018)

Trigger Warning: family estrangement, existential crisis, a bit of the old ultraviolence’

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival



The Endling

The Endling – Thu 12th August 2021 7:30PM

Ticket Prices £0-£15

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After their debut show, There’s Something Missing, which achieved critical acclaim (4* The Scotsman), emerging artists Strange Futures, return with their second show, The Endling.

What if it was just you, you were the last, ‘The Endling’?

In a time of ‘Endlings’; the last individual of a species, Strange Futures use their Powerful Physicality – (Scotsman 2019), to raise the discussion of human impact and climate responsibility. The Endling explores the interconnectedness of human existence with the lives – and deaths – of other species. The show addresses pertinent issues of environment and species extinction, but in an indirect and entertaining way that aims to get an audience on side, not blame or shame.

“A joyous journey into the end of civilisation. Brilliantly performed with moments of laughter, loss and introspection” – Arts Officer, Severn Arts

Developed during a residency partnership with The Malvern Cube, S.F received funding and support from Arts Council England Project Grants, Sir Barry Jackson Trust, Worcester Arts Partnership, and The University of Worcester. The Show has been developed with dramaturgical and choreography support from the internationally acclaimed, Julian Spooner (Rhum and Clay).

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


Bhrama, Vishnu, Shiva

Bhrama, Vishnu, Shiva – Fri 13th August 2021 7:30PM

Ticket Prices £0-£15

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The great poet, Rabindranath Tagore’s mesmerizing poem “Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva”, exploring creation, preservation and destruction of the Universe according to Hindu mythology is brought to life by Aradhana Arts. Bringing together the beauty of poetry (in English), intertwined with Indian Classical Music, Song and Kathak Dance you will be taken on a magical journey through time and space through this vibrant, family friendly performance set to live music.

Sanju Sahai tabla

Jaymini Sahai kathak dance

Debipriya Sircar voice, sitar

Gurbaksh Matharu voice, esraj

Indrani Datta narrator

Music composed by Pandit Vishwa Prakash

Choreographed by Jaymini Sahai

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


Rock Around The Clock


Rock Around The Clock – Wednesday 18th August 2021, 3pm

Ticket Prices £0-£15

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Rock Around The Clock, a musical comedy love story, set in the 1950’s, containing all the popular tunes of that time. The show has been devised to whisk audiences back to this memorable era allowing them to participate and reminisce.

Rah Rah Theatre Company specialises in taking theatre to the community and throughout lockdown has continued to perform to the elderly and isolated vulnerable people. Rock Around the Clock is the show Rah Rah is touring this summer and we are delighted to have received an Arts Grant from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to perform this as part of the festival for free, enabling us to invite both our elderly audience and the general public to celebrate being able to come together again.

We encourage you to bring an elderly person or someone that has been isolated and alone to this show for an afternoon of fun!

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival



Tectonic Plates

Tectonic Plates – Wed 25th August 2021 7:30PM

Ticket Prices £0-£15

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The stage is bare apart from a lone desk, a PowerPoint presentation, and a large, obnoxiously ticking clock. The lesson is about to start.

Tectonic Plates is a new one-woman show, set in real time over the duration of a year 10 geography class. GIRL shares her inner monologue with the audience as the lesson progresses, gradually uncovering both the hilarity and the trauma of being at school. GIRL has notes to take, homework to do, exams to sit, and friends to spend time with, but she’s haunted by the prospect of the swimming competition on the last day of term. How can you exist peacefully as a teenage girl in a swimsuit?

Universally relatable and amusingly specific all at once, Tectonic Plates allows the audience to get a glimpse of GIRL’s future, before the school bell rings and the next lesson must begin. Discussion is rife about how children should ‘catch up’ from the time missed while schools have been closed. GIRL’s lesson poses the question, what of school is worth catching up on?

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival


Carlotta De Galleon- A Fool For Love!

Carlotta De Galleon- A Fool For Love! –
Thu 26th August 2021 7:30PM

Ticket Prices £0-£15

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Carlotta De Galleon ~ A Fool for Love!, is a comic romp through one feminist’s forbidden love of trashy novels. Inspired by her favourite romantic heroines, Carlotta swirls form and fancy to negotiate feminism, lit crit, clit lit and even an audience-participatory-improvised romance novel in search of her Happily Ever After.

Come and fall in love with Carlotta de Galleon in this fun and funny one-woman show.

“Very funny… an eye-opener” **** FemaleArts.com

Written and performed by Charlotte Gallagher
Directed by Charlotte Peters

Development and dramaturgy by Colin Watkeys
Produced by Charlotte Gallagher & Charlotte Peters

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival



Friday 27th August 2021 7:30PM

Ticket Prices £0-£15

To book click HERE! 🎟🎟

Bumbleina and her online search for a fairy Prince…a tale of love, loss and plenty of chocolate!

Join Caroline Kennedy on her journey into the world of online dating.
Between Tinder and disaster, swiping and hoping, dates and disappointments, will she finally find Mr Right?
Expect an ‘exquisitely bonkers’ evening as Caroline tells her story through classical music, cabaret, comedy and jazz, sprinkled with a touch of heartbreak and chaos.

Caroline Kennedy flirts so well, I bet she never has to buy a drink herself” (Last minute theatre tickets)

“A delightful combination of naughtiness and sweetness… very pretty with a powerful melodic voice that belied her compact size” (London Theatre 1)

“Boasting a range of comic accents, as well as her warm bright soprano” (Theatre Cat)

“Sweet bell like high notes and a really expressive face, from wide eyed joy to gut wrenching heart break” (Harborough Mail)

“Crystalline voiced, witty delight” (Daily Classical Music)

“Beautifully coloured, complete with an impressive collection of accents and deftly sung” (Opera Magazine)

“Kennedy really showed her dramatic range here, using her voice and face most expressively” (Opera Today)



The Femmetamorphosis

The Femmetamorphosis – Sat 28th August 2021 7:30PM

Ticket Prices £0-£15

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The Elicit Theatre Company presents Femmetamorphosis, a comedy drama set-in modern-day London. A lingerie party is arranged by a bored wife fed up with mundane routine of married life. Add some sexy lingerie, a Caribbean twist rum punch, and some unconventional relatable characters. Creating a relish of ingredients with laugh out loud humour and a positive feel-good message about friendships, trails, and tribulations.

Part of 18 shows at the Chelsea Theatre for the K+C Festival





The Chelsea Theatre will be joining KENSINGTON + CHELSEA FESTIVAL (K+C Festival) 1st JULY TO 31 AUGUST 2021

Creativity and culture is at the heart of resilience and recovery from the pandemic. For 2021 we want to reconnect and re-imagine our world together, in the boldest and most imaginative ways possible.

Kensington + Chelsea Art Week will expand throughout the summer season with a festival that elevates the magic and shared experiences of public art and live performance.

K+C Festival will bring people together to celebrate, inspire, and be inspired.

We’ve been busy co-creating a diverse programme with local, national and international artists, our communities, organisations and the wealth of talent behind the scenes whose careers have been on hold for a year. The festival is inspired by the rich heritage, creativity, culture and innovation in Kensington and Chelsea and we’re welcoming all to come and explore with us.


We’re also delighted to be one of the Festival Hubs and the Festival Club House.


A Day in Your Life – Photography Competition

A DAY IN YOUR LIFE Photography Competition, founded by BAFTA and multi award-winning artist Alison Jackson, is a community-minded photography competition for budding talent and aspiring photographers.
The photographs should sum up a day in your life. Jackson’s aim is to celebrate, inspire and nurture talent, and offer an unmissable opportunity for gifted individuals – especially from disadvantaged backgrounds, minority groups and people with disabilities, and any person who hasn’t had a chance to showcase their talent yet.
“Everyone should have a chance to shine. The reason I started this photography competition was for anyone to have the same fantastic opportunities I have had within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, specifically the outstanding education available that can lead to so much more. I have made the prizes primarily educational and vocational. There are many extremely talented people out there and I want to give a chance to those who haven’t had one before. I want to discover new talent and aspiring photographers with fresh ‘ways of seeing.’”
– Alison Jackson, Founder.
A DAY IN YOUR LIFE hopes to open up a world of different photographic ideas, subjects, and styles. This is open to anyone interested in photography, using a phone or camera, from any skill level and any age from 9 years up.
2021 Applications are now open – send a photo of A Day in Your Life! Applicants must live in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, or anyone from anywhere, of any age, can apply if you enter The UAL prize or The Chelsea Society Prize.
The entries will be judged by a prestigious panel of respected individuals in the industry such as Alison Jackson, gallerist Michael Hoppen, Tate Britain artist, Dr. Chila Kumari Singh Burman, one of the famous Young British Artists, Gavin Turk with his Great Imagining young team and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran.
Round 1 a selection of applicants’ works is displayed at The Chelsea Theatre, as part of Kensington and Chelsea Art Week.
Round 2 the submission deadline is the 1st October – The winners will be exhibited at a major Art Gallery in RBKC to be announced. All applicants will be judged in an official prize-giving ceremony and given further exhibition opportunities. For more information and to find out how to enter go to:



Thanks to the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund we can continue to be #HereForCulture!



Join Our Board

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity in performance arts, if so come and join us.
In order to fulfil the full potential of the newly refurbished theatre and bring our community the best in the arts, entertainment, lifelong learning and well-being we need the support of a strong and enthusiastic board.
We are in the process of recruiting new board members and would like to hear from you! We are building a Board that understand and represents the local community.

The Board helps the staff team at the theatre in fulfilling our ambition to be: An exceptional incubation hub for the arts.

A home from home for the local community
A thriving enterprise that is financially secure and stable
A place to offer exceptional opportunity to all.

The ideal trustees will have most or all of the following features:
Strong community connection in World’s End and the Chelsea riverside area.
Strongly held views on the value of diversity in all aspects of society.
Enthusiasm for our mission
Time, energy and the desire to nurture and develop and exceptional and unique community asset.
You can find more information here:

Download Trustee Intro

Download Trustee JD and Application Form

Or email: paul@chelseatheatre.org.uk to talk things over.


Black History Month at Chelsea Theatre – Celebrating Our Unsung Heroes

Date: 26 October 2020

The Chelsea Theatre proudly celebrated Black History Month by organising a community project and exhibition championing the culture and achievements of local people of Black British, African and Caribbean descent who go about their daily lives working hard to help and empower our society. Read more..