Chelsea Theatre in Conversation with…World’s End Community Theatre Group

If you had to describe the show in three words what would they be? 

the – no – show 


How did the piece come about? 

We devised it reflecting on the learning process that we all have been through. It is an excuse to celebrate two years since this project started in June 2016, when Germán D’Alessandro brought to Chelsea Theatre the proposal for the first Bilingual Drama Workshop for adults, aiming to bring together Spanish and English speakers through theatre activities.  

After that quite successful experience and the growing interest from participants to continue the acting training, new drama workshops were planned with the aim to explore the Method of Physical Actions originally developed by C. Stanislavsky. 

After one year we, a mixed group of people from previous workshops and with new people, founded: “World’s End Community Theatre Group” with the shared desire to keep this space open to the community, for learning, exploring, having fun, for creating and for experimenting with theatre. Since then, six different Drama workshops have been run where more than 90 people have participated.  


How did you find creating your own piece of theatre? 

Actually, this is not a piece of theatre itself. We like to think that we have created a shared space through theatre experience. 

We call it: Showcase… something in between an open session and a performance. 


How was the cast found / company developed? 

There is no cast. 

There are people who are creative, inventive, and with enough agency to play, to learn, and to dream about step on the stage. We do not see ourselves as professionals in this field. Maybe, this is the reason why we still enjoy doing it.  

Each of us worked hard not just by creating the showcase, but collaborating in other areas such as production, communication, publicity, finance, etc. 

We see ourselves more as an ensemble than as a company, since the ensemble model is one of the most democratic forms of practice. The ensemble is a space for regular participation, sharing different experiences, and learning in a collaborative creation. It is an egalitarian setting where each of us has something to learn, something to teach. 


Why did you choose the Chelsea theatre? 

Inclusivity and participation are at the core of Chelsea Theatre as an organisation and that is why we were ‘born and bred’ at Chelsea Theatre. For the same reason we decided to use the term Community Theatre. It is not related to any community in particular, but to the community as a whole, welcoming diversity in terms of culture, background, language, etc. Community Theatre means theatre for all, theatre for everyone. 


What is your favorite line in the show? 

‘You can’t be serious!’ 

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