Chelsea Theatre in Conversation with … New Beginnings

This interview was held with Diane Silva, Deborah Cacciapuoti, Rita Guerreiro and Amy Vinten


If you had to describe the festival in three words what would they be?

– Sharp, Colourful, Interrogative

– Differentiated, Puzzled, Quirky

– Intriguing, contemporary and innovative


How did the festival come about?

– The idea for the festival came from the various responses to the theme ‘New beginnings’ with 8 different companies creating 8 different pieces.


What was the reason behind creating the piece?/Who is involved in the pieces and setting up the festival?

– As London Metropolitan Students in their third year we have independently created eight companies with the help of Artistic Director Rishi Trikha and Technical Team Jelmer Tuinstra.


How was it to create the piece on your own?

-It was empirical and explorative. We had to take responsibilities to create content and organise all our documentation to create sustainable projects.

– Quite scary but equally exciting. At this point you have a lot of work to do and you really feel pressure.


What was challenging about bringing the festival to life?

– Communicating between the companies.

– Translating into facts all the big ideas we had in mind.

– It was a challenge to manage the artistic part of the process and focus on the production side at the same time.


Why did you choose the Chelsea Theatre?

– We wanted to explore diverse spaces to provide opportunities for unique performances.

– For the variety of spaces offered to stage all the different pieces and for its connection with the community.

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