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World’s End Community Theatre Group

Autumn 2017 Drama workshop

Dates:                        18th October–20th December

Dates & times:         Wednesdays / 6pm-8.30pm.

Number of sessions:        10

Total hours:                          25

Cost:                                         £50 (The whole course)

Participants:                        16+ with/without acting experience.

Venue:                                    Chelsea Theatre, 7 World’s End Place, King’s Road, London-SW10 0DR.

Facilitator:                           Germán D’Alessandro


This workshop aims to introduce participants to the concept of the ‘Dramatic Structure’ as the main tool to create, train and ‘read’ theatre performance. It is a language used when creating theatre as well as a system of codes to interpret a play. It is also used by actors in their approach.

Enrolment & further info please email


Limited places.

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so early registration is advised.


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