Chris Dugrenier – Wealth’s Last Caprice


Chris Dugrenier, creator and solo performer, envisages a future where she is not present and asks the audience to be legal witnesses to her inventory – including the listing of her dreams, ambitions, vanities and wishes. With 2162 objects totalling 18 years of consumption, compulsion, needs and wants, Wealth’s Last Caprice is an uplifting celebration of life and a sensitive, funny and touching reflection on what we value.


Chris has a practice which explores the territory between many modes of performance including choreography. Through Wealth’s Last Caprice she uses a hidden dramatic and choreographic score to uncover her personal and the audiences connection to her possessions, making us question our own legacy. What do we really leave behind? Beyond the possession, what of our physical footprint and spiritual presence do we leave?


Chris Dugrenier is an independent performance maker, originally from France. Her work is often autobiographical with, she admits, a few exaggerations and a few little white lies thrown in…


Produced by Dance4, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and developed with The Core at Corby Cube.


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25 November, 19:30



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