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Viewpoints and Making Your Own Work with Ned Bennet


Viewpoints is an improvisation tool for actors formulated by Anne Bogart based on choreographer Mary Overlie’s articulation of how the performer engages with time and space. The Viewpoints nurture complicity within the ensemble, engendering a playful approach to making work.

Using Viewpoints for beginners as a catalyst this week long workshop will look at a wide range of starting points for devising short plays. The work will place an emphasis on creating visually expressive, visceral stories. The aim is that participants finish with pieces they would be interested in developing beyond this workshop..

Participants will be asked to learn a very short duologue in preparation for the workshop and to bring in a variety of items and images to be used as stimuli.

The workshop will cover:

  • Non-verbal improvisations to develop complicity and engender uncensored spontaneity
  • Games to unlock the ethos of Viewpoints
  • The application of Viewpoints to devising in order to make analytical work physical and instinctive
  • An approach to creating Ideograms; non-literal, highly stylised expressions of core themes and events in a story.
  • Dramaturgy and story structure: making first person storytelling into dramatic action


Ned Bennett is a theatre director who primarily directs new plays. He trained at the Royal Court, National Theatre Studio and LAMDA. Credits include Pomona at the Orange Tree Theatre which transferred to the National Theatre and Royal Exchange, Yen at the Royal Exchange which transferred to the Royal Court. He was awarded Best Director in the UK Theatre Awards for Yen and Pomona and Best Director and Best Production for Pomona in the Off West End Awards. Most recently he directed Brixton Rock for The Big House and is about to open An Octoroon at the Orange Tree.

Tue 4th – Fri 5th

10am – 5pm Daily

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