Heels of Glory – A Drag Action Musical


Heels Of Glory

A Drag Action Musical

by Tricity Vogue and Richard Link


Heels of Glory is an original musical written by Tricity Vogue and composed by Richard Link, with an action adventure plot and tunes that would have graced a vintage Bond movie — if they’d ever got 007 in drag.



A young drag queen and her tomboy best friend are all that stand in the way of arch villainess Allura Supreme (Sarah-Louise Young) and her evil plan to annihilate every drag queen in the world. Fabulous international drag superstar Splendorella (Topsie Redfern) is set to launch Supreme’s deadly new cosmetic at midnight. Will our heroes be in time to save the drag world?


The show is directed by Stephen Heatley and stars Topsie Redfern, Sarah-Louise Young, Clare Humphrey, Thomas Young, Fancy Chance, Kiki Lovechild, Dott Cotton and Adam Valentine.


Funded by the Arts Council of England.


Art work by Steve May.


A camp and hilarious tour de force by Vogue and Link. A must-see romp.”

James Millar, The Express and Echo


28 – 29 January




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