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Ernst Fischer – The Hive


Throughout November Ernst Fischer and selected artists will be in the building working on THE HIVE: A social gathering of, and discursive space for, mature performance/artists, art lovers and living works of art.


Approaching age brings new challenges and opportunities, which need to be met and explored. How does growing old(er) influence our performances? Does their content change? Do we do less work or are we frantically trying ‘to beat the clock’? Do we turn to different disciplines or formats? Are we considering other audiences than before? Does documentation of our work (and/or life) take on a more significant role? Are we thinking of ‘retirement’ from performance altogether?


To engage with questions like these, we will meet on three consecutive weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), chat, drink coffee or herbal infusions and eat cake. We will entertain one or two guests at our table, talk to people even older than us, go on bracing walks, try some gentle ways of staying fit and healthy and endeavour to ‘embody’ our age and/or our relationship to it in the form of boxes (or other containers) and their contents, which we may or may not present to a non-theatre (or gallery)-going audience on the last day of the workshop.


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