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The Gift


“There was nothing in the world that was going to come between this man and his craft. When you watch him, you see more than that individual performance. You see vision. You see a million different people in one. It wasn’t like watching any actor deliver lines that were given to him. He interpreted the world through his gift. It’s still the same today.”

Critics described Edward Dermontford as one of the ‘most widely respected and sublimely gifted actors of his generation’, while friends similarly admire him as a ‘spectacular and exemplary gentleman’. His phenomenal career has earned him countless accolades including an Academy Award win for then fresh young actor. Now in 2018 and after nearly 30 years in the industry, Edward proclaims his conquering of the acting world following a second Academy Award nomination – and so of course that means its time for a party…

‘The Gift’ joins Edward and some his friends for an evening’s celebrations following the icon’s seminal nomination. Drinks flow, scandal is spread, and attitudes are questioned as Hollywood producers, distinguished directors, silver-screen beauties and more reflect upon his life and seemingly unstoppable career . But when the evening takes a turn for the unexpected, will it prove Edward to be the idol he appears or will the night expose painful realities thought long extinguished by time? Will this seemingly intimate and pleasant gathering uncover the cost of success and ambition?

Edward Dermontford – Ross Kernahan
Judi Pressop – Looby Mills
Leo Merison – James Warriner-Gallyer
Melanie Willow – Esme Lonsdale
Jackie Fulford – Grace Fitzalan Howard
Scott Surrows – Kit Loyd 
Phillip Mcarthur – Mark Wartenberg 
Elizabeth Whyte – Molly Murphy
Katya Mansford – Minnie Murphy
Thelma Mason – Hattie Wilkinson


Creative team 

Writer/ Director/ Producer – Harry Darell (‘The Union,’ ‘Back to the Nest’@ The White Bear Theatre, ‘The Firth File’@ The Bristol Old Vic Theatre)
Set Design – Harry Miller-Stirling
Make-up – Tabby Li
Photography – Charlie Flint
Technician – Tom Burgess 


9th – 15th April at 7.30pm



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