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The Gap

The GapAn astonishing and moving, collaborative stage and screen production; an upsurge, from loss, life to…Watching The Gap every day – realizing where The Gap really is, having the courage to step over it…The Gap is a multidisciplinary, multi-authored immersion into multiple worlds of yellow lines, gaps and stepping over, leading you ultimately on your journey to a changed destination.This innovative production blends film, theatre and musical theatre to take you into 9 astonishing relationships, (based on true stories), from devastation, loss, addiction and grief through to the striving. The journey moves through the intricate webs of lives that interlink and co-create altered futures; will it move you, to find those ‘others’ and make your change?
The Artists Umbrella Productions is a fully inclusive production company at the forefront of collaborative multidisciplinary production and immersion.
We have a research and development aspect, collaborating with scientists and experts to generate relevant and life-changing opportunities for our audiences.
3rd June
Matinee – 2.45pm
Evening show -7.30pm
Full price – £10
Concession – £7

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