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17th May – 21st May

Wed-Sat – 7:30pm,

Sun – 6:00pm

Full Price: £10 Concession: £8

Pavement to Catwalk presents
Who’s gonna catch you when you fall?’
When homelessness, mental health, addiction, disability and gender, unexpectedly cross paths one cold dark miserable night……Could this be a recipe for a riot?  Or redemption?  Only the spirit of humanity can tell! 
SOZO  (Greek for rescue or to save) is a play that takes place in a typical high street in inner city London, where the fabric of this local community is unravelling and slowly morphing into deprivation.
SOZO the local charity shop seems to be the saviour for the local community. 
Without any funding or government backing the four female volunteers struggle to shine a beacon of light onto the disenfranchised and needy in their community. 
There are consequences for their Samaritan actions, but will they be able to save an already sinking ship? 
SOZO, a play conceived and written by Donald Waugh.


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