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Monday Club – Take the Floor

15 January 2017

Exhibition 6pm

Performances 7pm

Music only: £3

£6|£10 for 2 with the code ‘Scratch’

Take the Floor is an exciting new scratch night, hosted by Monday Club. The night promotes new work within all forms of the arts and forges connections for collaboration between these varying mediums. All of our pieces are handpicked from a variety of promising new artists with fresh and dynamic ideas.

Doors open at 6pm, at which time visual artists will be exhibiting their work. Performances will commence in the auditorium at 7pm, followed swiftly by live music in the bar.

Please note, for the £10 for 2 deal, use the promotional code, ‘Scratch’.

If you are joining for the music only, there will be a £3 charge on the door.

Come and watch companies as they take the floor for an evening of new work!

To find out more about us or about how to get involved, visit us at


Image: Tom Metcalfe

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