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Iuvenes Adeste (you-when-‘A’s-ADD-est-eh?) by Laura Dee Milnes

Dear Audience,

Laura was absent from school yesterday because she was writing her own lesson plan…

At every school she enrolled in, Laura Dee Milnes was always The Kid Who Wasn’t There. A master of playing truant, she cultivated a baffling 30-50% attendance record. Ten years late for class, she is going back to school In an attempt to analyse her messy breakup with education.

A visual performance underwritten by poetry, discussion and comic storytelling, iuvenes adeste combines autobiography with a participatory experience, allowing you, the audience to voice opinions that you were probably denied in the classrooms of your youth.

Dates: 4 & 5 February, 7:30pm

Tickets: £12/£10


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