Teatro de Vestido: A Living Museum of Small, Forgotten and Unwanted Memories

5 June 2016



Duration: 4h 30 hours with a 45m intermission, during which a meal/ refreshments will be served.

A Living Museum of Small, Forgotten and Unwanted Memories is a performance on the official, unofficial – public and private – memories of the Portuguese dictatorship (1926-1974) and revolution (1974-75).
Through a long and thorough process of research and collection of testimonies – as part of the PAR PhD research – Joana Craveiro has built a marathon of four and a half hours on history and memory and the interplay between problematic and conflicting memories and the absence of state politics of memory in Portugal concerning its recent history. Built as a set of seven lecture-performances, all written and performed by Joana
Craveiro, artistic director of Teatro do Vestido – each on a specific theme concerning the Dictatorship and the Revolution – the show premièred in Lisbon in November 2014.
It has been awarded the Audience Choice Award from the International Almada Festival, as well as being shortlisted for one of the ten top performances in Portugal in 2014 by newspapers Público and Expresso, and was nominated for best theatre play of 2014 by the Portuguese Author’s Society.


Jorge Louraço Figueira, from Público, has described the performance as “a cultural event, wider than just a theatre play.”
Critic Tiago Bartolomeu Costa states that “what Joana Craveiro does is crucial not just in terms of memory, but also in terms of the part that theatre may have as also a writer of history.”


This presentation is supported by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal).


Artistic and technical cast:
Research, text, dramaturgy, directing, performer: Joana Craveiro
Creative collaboration and assistance: Rosinda Costa, Tânia Guerreiro
Costumes: Ainhoa Vidal
Light design: João Cachulo
Production: Cláudia Teixeira
Production assistant: Igor de Brito
A production of Teatro do Vestido in co-production with Negócio/ZDB

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