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Food Bank As It Is

How does it feel to go hungry for days, yet be surrounded by plenty?


FOOD BANK AS IT IS was written by food bank manager Tara Osman and has been produced by a group of volunteer actors and friends. They’ve run 7 sell-out shows across London and recently performed at the Houses of Parliament in front of numerous MPs including Jeremy Corbyn.

Food Bank As It Is presents dramatised real stories from a real food bank and is written by a front-line worker. The play goes behind the statistics to bring to life the impact of poverty on the lives of the individuals portrayed.

“I was moved to start writing this play several months into my job as a good bank support worker… I met people who haven’t eaten for days; a mother living on watery coffee whilst giving her children the small amount of food she can afford; whole families sitting in the dark…”

Patrick Butler of The Guardian has described it as “a topical, important play about poverty, food bank use and what drives it”.

 Jeremy Corbyn MP After seeing FOOD BANK AS IT IS:

“As a society, we have anaesthetised ourselves in the media to the reality of poverty in Britain and the reality of the misery of so many people’s lives.” He also said: “Something has to be done, and it’s got to be dramatic.” 

The Performance will take place on March 5th at 7PM.

Tickets are available via a pay-what-you-can donation HERE



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