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Enchanted Bird (Ibong Adarna)

A perfect world.

Azure, the blue Kingdom.

The jewel of the southeast.

Azure is home to the world’s most magical creature.

Ibong Adarna (The Enchanted Bird).

It is written in the ancient book of Lezendus, that the Adarna is the voice of the Seraphim, the highest order of the hierarchy of angels.

The bird is a healer and can cure all maladies.

It was a gift from God to King Ephezu, the first ruler of Azure.

Ephezu destroyed Bezeelod Tikasib, King of the underworld, in a battle that lasted for 100 days.

As a final gesture before being defeated, Bezeelod Tikasib ordered the slaughter of all of Azure’s enchanted creatures, including the benevolent unicorns and the most beloved winged horses.

The only enchanted creature to survive was the Adarna bird.

The ancient book of Lezendus contains a secret map.

The directions to the hidden forest of Iberus on Mount Aurum, where the enchanted tree of Angelus Domi can be found.

It is the home of the Ibong Adarna.

Kulanda Tikasib, the great Witch Queen of the North, descendant of Bezeelod, will do anything to catch and destroy the last remaining enchanted creature.


10% of all ticket sales is being donated to the Helen Thomson Memorial Fund. This group is doing amazing humanitarian work in the Philippines and was set up post Typhoon Haiyan and in memory of Helen. For further information please visit their website:


Philippine Theatre (UK) is a voluntary community theatre group based in London and was founded in September 2002 by Ramon Castillanes Teñoso and friends. PTUK produces various original theatre productions (in English) each year and is open to all believers in theatre from any race, colour, creed or background. PTUK provides workshops in team-building, self-confidence and method acting using theatre arts. We are the only active Filipino theatre group in Europe! The Enchanted Bird (Ibong Adarna) has been adapted for Theatre by Ramon and is based on the popular traditional Filipino folktale.



24-27 September, 7pm

27-28 September, 2:30pm

£12.50/£10.00 (all concessions apply)


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