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Community Theatre Ensemble (CTE)

This experience started in June 2016 with the first Bilingual Drama Workshop (led in English with Spanish as a resource language. More info: This four-session course was a great experience that brought together more than 20 people. The excellent feedback received persuaded us to go for a second eight-session course that took place between October and December of the same year.

Now, we are excited to invite you to participate in what has become the Community Theatre Ensemble (CTE) which is an inclusive theatre space open to anyone 16+ with/without acting experience, wanting to learn, experiment and create through theatre.

Inclusivity and participation are at the core of Chelsea Theatre as an organisation and that is why we decided to use the term Community Theatre. It is not related to any community in particular, but to the community as a whole welcoming diversity in terms of culture, background, language, etc. Community Theatre means theatre for all, theatre for everyone.

Similarly, the model of Ensemble has been chosen considering that it is one of the most democratic forms of practice in social and egalitarian condition. The Ensemble as a space for regular participation, for sharing different experiences, for learning, for collaborative creation and for suggesting new things, as well.

Join us at the Community Theatre Ensemble!

Upcoming course 2017:

Preparing the ground (Physical & vocal training for theatre)
Dates: 11th January–15th March
Dates & times: Wednesdays / 6pm-8.30pm.
Number of sessions: 10
Total hours: 25
Cost: £25 (The whole course)

This workshop aims to set up the basic technics and knowledge to enable the practice of theatre in an inclusive way involving body, voice, gesture, creativity and games. It will be based on a contemporary interpretation of the Method of Physical Actions, originally developed by C. Stanislavski.

You should be able to work in groups and pairs safely, listen and respond to instructions and feedback, and be willing to participate in physical activities.

Enrolment until 6th January 2017. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so early registration is advised.

For enrolment please, download the form (cte-enrolment-form-winter) and email to:

More info: Contact German D’Alessandro, on:

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