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Comedians by Trevor Griffiths

Comedy has the power to make us laugh and forget our troubles. It also has the power to reflect with brutal honesty the world around us; to explode our prejudices and allow us to see another viewpoint.


“A joke releases the tension, says the unsayable, any joke pretty well. But a true joke, a comedians joke, has to do more than release tension, it has to liberate the will and the desire, it has to change the situation.”


In one of Trevor Griffiths’ most successful plays this company from The Actors Temple are questioning the labels that divide us – class, race, religion, nationality.

Step out of the class room and into the social club; this production turns immersive and brings the audience up close and personal to the world of comedy.
The setting is a secondary school in Manchester. It’s the last evening of the night school course with the graduation performance, and there’s a comedy agent in the house. Will these budding comedians climb the first wrung on the ladder of fame? And what are they prepared to sacrifice to get there, in this visceral struggle between entertainment and art?


“Every joke was a little pellet… a final solution.” !


Date: Monday 20th October to Wednesday 22nd October and Friday 24th October 2014

Time: 7.30pm

TICKETS ON SALE – Airline-style pricing – the sooner you book, the cheaper it is!!

£12 | £14 | £16!


Tickets can be booked here:


Director: Andrew Richardson.

Company members: Simon Balcon, Adam Bone, Stephen Christos, Gary Colman, Oliver Hewett, Naveed Shahzad, Craig J Simons, Rick Stupple, John Pickard.

Producers: Simon Balcon and Jamie Hannon Arts.

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