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“Cherry” from Loose Cannon Theatre

Bristol based theatre makers Loose Cannon Theatre bring their newest Edinburgh Fringe show to preview at the Chelsea Theatre.
‘We’re all born, we all die and, at some point, we’re all virgins.’ Let’s talk about virginity. It may be an evening of adolescent fumbling, a reminder of your sexual immaturity or even a night clouded with embarrassment and regret. For some, being labelled a virgin still remains a bitter reality, for others it’s a mark of pride. Looking at real stories from over 100 anonymous sources, Cherry dissects the complex implications of virginity across the spectrum of age, gender, culture and sexuality. Exploring the light and dark, this piece ultimately questions what relevance the label virgin has today.
Find Loose Cannon here:
Theatre, Verbatim, Physical Theatre
Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
Show Length: 1 hour
Tickets: £9/£7 Conc.
Show Time: 7:30PM

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