Camp Be Yourself

Welcome to Camp Be Yourself. For those of you that can’t be yourself in real life, you camp be yourself here!


Come join in on the cultural phenomenon that is woven into the land of glory that is America – the humble summer camp! Guaranteed to give you life long memories, fun and irreparable trauma. Grab a marshmallow and pull up a tree stump as we bring you to a place full of nature, friendship, and bug juice – all necessary ingredients for a wicked cool mega awesome summer of fun. This summer, camp counsellors Emily and Betsy – a dynamic duo – will help you figure out life and deal with unresolved teenage angst, all the while trying their gosh darn darndest not to lose their campers, their friendships or their minds!’

We are excited to welcome Box Theatre Company to the Chelsea Theatre. This is the debut production of ‘Camp Be Yourself’ – a smart, funny and well observed  dark comedy from the minds of Box Theatre Company, a female led and focused company.

Show Times

May 25th – 7:30pm

May 26th – 3.00pm & 7:30pm



£12 Full Price Adult

£10 Concession

Book your tickets here and come along to Camp Be Yourself!


Twitter: – @box_theatreco

FB: – @box.theatrecompany


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