Caroline Smith – Birdwatchers Wives


The latest alter-ego of performance artist Caroline Smith was researched with British birdwatchers as part of her residency with the RSPB on Wallasea Island- and now Rita, a show bird from a bygone era, is hell bent on turning the archetype of the twitcher on its head. Dressed in elaborate Great Crested Grebe plumage, Smith questions what happens when a bird runs the show and the label of ‘human’ no longer applies.


Expect the comical and surreal, for not everything is what it seems… The show continues Smith’s themes of uprooting the everyday in order to uncover and examine the strange, true and unseen.


Caroline Smith’s comical and often sinister works play with alter egos and reveal the unfamiliar in the everyday and the commonplace in the strange. She often plays with alter egos working within broad and specialist communities to engage desires, drives and the dark as well as the lighter sides. Birdwatchers Wives launched at Edinburgh Fringe 2014 and is supported by Escalator East to Edinburgh and the Arts Council of England.


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27 November, 20:45


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