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Bernada Alba – Words and Music by Michael John LaChiusa

25th-27th May – 7.30pm

Saturday Matinee – 2.30pm

£12 / £8 Concession
£5 – World’s End Resident (Thursday and Friday, with proof of address)

Based on the play The House of The Bernada Alba by Federico Garcia Lorca. A haunting musical by the acclaimed Michael John LaChuisa.

Set during Spanish Civil War, Bernarda Alba tells the tale of a powerful matriarch who imposes a strict rule on her household following her second husband’s funeral:

‘Not a breath of outside air is going to enter this house. It’s going to feel like we’ve bricked up the doors and windows,’ she proclaims.

Bernarda’s five daughters, however, struggle with her cold wishes. The girls’ dreams and desires challenge their mother’s harsh rules and the outside world begins to slowly permeate their isolated existence.

Any views or opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

Performed by the BA Graduating class of Amersham & Wycombe College.

Special Offer for all Concessions and World’s End Residents for Thursday and Friday –  £5.00 Tickets

– Resident concession only available when booking in person, please bring proof of address.


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