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A co-production between Ice & Fire and Teatro Vivo
Costume design by takis
The British arms trade is getting a lot of bad press lately. Bleeding hearts, peaceniks and every lefty liberal with a ‘Momentum’ badge banging on about it.  But how could it be anything but positive selling billions of pounds worth of weapons to loyal customers like Saudi Arabia?
So, to coincide with the opening of the crown jewel of arms fairs at the Excel Centre in September, we’re sending the #ArmingTheWorld: Outreach Team onto the streets from the 12th – 16th September to press your flesh and thank you, the generous British taxpayer, for your continued support of our efforts. 
As an extra special treat we’ll be bringing that glamorous (and private!) arms fair to your front door, introducing you to some of the A-listers of our industry – those proud British products that have really been making a bang on the international arms scene.
Come down to one of our shows and take a selfie with a fighter jet, get cosy with some tear gas or marvel at the capabilities of our most desired warhead.
We look forward to seeing you there and don’t forget to register! 
GCHQ is watching!! (Only joking.)
SHOW TIMES: 15:00, 17:00 & 19:00
Follow the #ArmingTheWorld Outreach Team at:
Instagram: @armingtheworld
Facebook: @armingtheworld

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