A Place in the Sun, 25-26 July

Tom Marshman


Inviting you to pull up a sun-lounger and enjoy your place in the sun. This all-inclusive holiday experience brings the complete package of seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride around the glorious pool. Eat as much as you like, prejudice and xenophobia at every turn.


“One of the most exciting things about Marshman’s work is his ability to pick a seemingly small subject and peel back layers to expose something unexpectantly profound”

– Big Issue


Tom Marshman has been making performance for over ten years, and created over 20 projects in a wide range of mediums including performance, photography, installation, publication and film. He has shown work in a variety of venues including Bristol Old Vic, Arnolfini (Bristol), Oval House, Chapter Arts Centre, Battersea Arts Centre, Basement Brighton, Colchester Arts Centre Exeter Phoenix and within Festivals including National Review of Live Art, Inbetween Time, and White Nights. He actively encourages a dialogue with audiences and participants aiming to create a safe space to share their thoughts and experiences. The results give very evocative authentic glimpses into everyday things. To date the purpose of Tom’s work has been to address issues that are often considered as mundane or commonplace. His work celebrates everyday domestic objects, exploring what is often taken for granted.  


25th July, 20:30

26th July, 19:30



Photo Credits: Catherine Hoffman


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